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We are creating an innovative Software-as-a-Service Asset Management solution that would piece together all the various stages of the investment management business and allow asset managers to connect to the various exchanges and trading venues, plug in their strategies, and run simulations – all the way to trade execution and portfolio management.

Asset Management platform - Software as a Service

We are designing a state-of-the-art software solution for algorithmic asset management, complete with a full suite of connectivity options for professional investors, institutional clients and brokerage companies, along with a vast arsenal to design and manage trading algorithms and tools for order tracking and risk management.

The Asset Management platform will be a complete solution that includes:

  • access to any stock market or execution venue,
  • comprehensive support of all exchange-traded or brokerage-created instruments and currencies,
  • support for detailed execution reports and real-time comparisons
  • link to global sources of data and company announcements
  • the additional option to interface with any banking system or back-office system
    without the need to change the existing implementation providing a premium experience to fund managers across all markets and exchanges.
All in One Solution for Asset Managers and Investors

In more detail, the platform will be a total solution that will offer:

  • Ability to connect to more than 100 exchanges, OTC environments, Private Liquidity Platforms and International Markets.
  • Collection of market data and intelligent routing of stock orders.
  • Algorithmic trading strategies with the ability to customize them.
  • Capabilities for designing strategies and algorithms as well as the provision of ready-made algorithms for optimizing performance.
  • Ability to interface with clients from all over the world using either native functions or through third-party Execution Programs (such as Bloomberg, Fidessa, Reuters, etc) through any version of the FIX protocol.
  • Ability to execute orders either manually or through automated execution services or through a combination of the above. In addition, the capability to monitor the performance of these functions through benchmarks related to each command.
  • Existence of a Central Order Book that will provide transparency and visibility of all orders, with the ability to create filters/access permissions for different users within the same implementation.
  • The ability to generate Smart Reports on the successful execution of orders, providing this information directly to the customer through a customizable environment.

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