AENAON Investment Fund

We offer our clients the flexibility to handle their investments the way they see fit. More specifically, we provide various different avenues of working with us depending on the investor’s type, needs and preferences: we can either take care of both the investment strategy and execution or just focus on idea generation and allow the client to execute in their own trade environment.

Segregated Managed Accounts

For investors that prefer hands-off account handling, we partner with certified and regulated Investment Managers that execute our strategies on the investors’ capital with their permission. Prospective investors open an individual account at a brokerage of their choice and then, we work with professional managers that trade their funds on their behalf.

Suitable for high net-worth individuals, corporate entities, boutique funds of funds, and small family offices.

Alternative Investments Fund

For institutional allocators looking to add alternative investment exposure to their existing portfolio, we offer various subscription options to our Registered Alternative Investments Fund. The fund offers a number of different share classes to accommodate the allocators’ investment profile and risk appetite.

Suitable for institutional allocators, sovereign, pension and endowment funds, large funds of funds, and family offices.

Institutional Signal Provision

For institutional asset managers that prefer to execute our strategies on their own infrastructure, we can provide access to our proprietary execution signals via our custom-built API technology. We can register as an external Strategy Provider, transmit our live feed of execution signals and allow our partners to add our strategies to their arsenal.

Suitable for institutional asset managers, established funds of funds, and large family offices.


Are you a Private Investor an Asset Allocator a Family Office Manager ?

Do you want to know more about our systematic strategies, our investment solutions and tools or how you can benefit from our services? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us and the appropriate member of our team will respond to your inquiry immediately.

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    14-20 Vassileos Alexandrou, Peristeri, Athens, Greece
    +30 210 5779 238